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Jobs in a smart news organization
June 6, 2007, 4:39 pm
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Some newspapers reinvent themselves to ride the obvious wave in consumption of news and information in North America. Others retrench, diverting money and resources away from the online — or worse, leave the Web site in the hands of the marketing department.

Which kind of newspaper will survive and thrive, do you think?

The Las Vegas Sun appears to be pursuing the former strategy, according to David Domingo.

The Sun is seeking to fill four new jobs:

Flash designer … good at building Flash graphics and 3D motion graphics to go with analytical news stories written by our reporters … also work with photographers on enhancing their Flash graphics skills … with our artist and cartoonist on animating their work. (I want that job!!)

Videographer … has skills at shooting, editing and processing video news stories for the Web. I was hoping to find … help the Sun create a new video identity online.

Web content editor … work with reporters and editors at building deep, evergreen content sites that would contain granular content about specific Las Vegas area topics … a good writer … also have multimedia Web skills.

Web technician … have all the skills of a multimedia reporter, but would mostly do processing work at a desk … process video, audio and provide other assistance for the multimedia for our daily updates and for our deep content sites. Skills in editing video and audio clips, helping to create podcasts and vodcast will be essential.

The guy doing the looking for people to fill these positions: Dave Toplikar, until recently a multimedia reporter at LJWorld Online — you know, that wildly successful newspaper in Lawrence, Kanasas, that’s not only making money but also winning awards for great design and even better innovation projects. Just look at their multimedia page.

Update: The jobs are posted here.

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