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May 23, 2007, 12:08 pm
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David at Strobist kindly (I think) tagged me with the Thinking Bloggers meme. I am invited to post links to five blogs that make me think.

Well, it would be too simple to link to blogs that already appear in my blogroll, wouldn’t it? After all, the charge is not to list my favorite blogs, or the blogs with content most like my own. So here goes — and don’t expect to find a lot of multimedia or journalism in these blogs. But you might be surprised at how they make you think.

1. Mirá!
Julián Gallo’s blog comes from Argentina and is written in Spanish. Its subject matter is eclectic but usually includes at least one video per post. I see some of the coolest stuff here that I never see anywhere else! And it’s never “cool” like, “Ha ha, watch that kitten roll off the table!” Nope, it usually makes me think about new ways to do things visually.

2. Social Media
I’ve been reading intelligent commentary by JD Lasica since back in the pre-Web days when I hung out on The WeLL. He goes to more conferences than anyone else I know (maybe they just have more conferences out there in California) and reports all kinds of interesting bits and pieces from them. He often posts information related to journalism, press freedom, crowdsourcing and social networks.

3. Cinecultist (Crazy for Movies)
Sometimes I get all choked up when I read this blog because I used to live in New York and have access to all the international films and obscure independent movies and … Well, now (thanks to Netflix) it’s better than it used to be, but it’s still nothing like being CC, who just turned 30, and living in the real movie capital of the western world. Don’t expect any bland or trite reviews from Cinecultist. She doesn’t slack on movies from Hong Kong or Korea either.

4. The Storyteller
I’m going way out on a limb here, but I really do love this blog. Yasmin Ahmad is a Malaysian film director. She is very well known in Malaysia but not elsewhere, although her feature films have won several international awards. I read her blog because it encompasses her professional life — not her day job at a big advertising agency, but her true job as a storyteller. I also read it because she gets hundreds of comments that make me feel hopeful about Malaysia’s future.

5. xkcd
Okay, so it’s a comic, not a blog. Is that cheating? Randall Munroe is a science guy who works with robots, likes algorithms, and does stuff we don’t usually associate with journalism. He has a blog too, but I prefer the comic. It does, in fact, make me think. As an added bonus, it usually makes me laugh. (P.S. The current plot line started here.)

There you have it — five blogs that make me think. They don’t make my brain hurt, mind you! But they stretch my horizon beyond the little world of my work and my daily life.

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