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Learn multimedia skills, online, on your own
May 7, 2007, 7:44 pm
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Paul Conley provides a lovely list — with proper links — telling us where to go “to learn the skills of multimedia journalism.”

My emphasis [is] on free or inexpensive resources that allowed journalists to teach themselves…. a quick and updated list of resources for multimedia 101.

He left out one great one: Make Internet TV.

And while I used to sing the praises of Bloglines, I have pretty much abandoned that; I switched to Google Reader instead.

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I just switched to Google Reader too. Not because I was unhappy with Bloglines…But I just created my Google Home page and I just thought it would be convenient to have everything in one place.

Comment by Angela Grant

Patrick Beeson goaded me to try Google Reader a while back. At first I wasn’t very impressed, but it grew on me. It *does* work very well with my Google home page!

Comment by Mindy McAdams

I’m glad you’ve seen the light! Google Reader rocks my RSS.

Strange thing is, the previous version of Google Reader was terrible. I used it for about a day, then switched back to BlogLines.

The current version is worlds better (and different) than the one of old. I’m still discovering new ways to use it more efficiently.

Comment by Patrick Beeson

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