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Changes at the Orlando Sentinel
May 2, 2007, 3:37 pm
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Following its announcements of staffing cuts at the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times, the Tribune Co. continues to make plans for the future. From the memo to the Orlando Sentinel newsroom:

  • We must grow audience rapidly on the Web. That means changing the way we work. It means gaining new skills and creating new beats. It means becoming a multimedia, 24/7 news operation. It means creating new databases and managing user-generated content.
  • We must keep the newspaper strong. That means a sharper emphasis on watchdog journalism, consumer journalism, unique local coverage, personally useful news, innovative storytelling and provocative commentary. We must focus relentlessly on what readers perceive as valuable – not on our preconceptions or traditions.
  • We must each take ownership of our work. Every staff member needs to take personal responsibility for making the newspaper and web site a success. Individual creativity, commitment and energetic action will be rewarded. The flatter management structure will require more self-discipline, initiative and self-management.

Complete memo at Online News Squared.

And to put all this into perspective, I recommend Matt Waite’s post about controlling your own destiny: Stop waiting for them to save you. Matt’s not an “online guy” per se, but he’s one of those can-do journalists who is absolutely not sitting around waiting for the sword of Damocles to fall.

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