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Good online journalism design work
April 29, 2007, 9:58 pm
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SNDies award winners have been highlighted in a news posting at the SND Web site. Although the annual awards in the past have been decided in the late summer or early fall, for some unknown reason we now have “early SNDies.” Huh?

But in any case, these are interesting and varied examples of online journalism design and presentation. I had not previously see the Philadelphia 2006 homicides graphic — it’s a real winner! (Very effective interactivity.)

And if you have not seen Light Beneath the Streets, then have a look. Compare it with the excellent minute-by-minute graphic of the Virginia Tech shootings, which uses the same template. This is a good method for packaging this kind of work. It won’t work for every package, but you can see how versatile it is if you compare these two examples.

SND is the Society for News Design.

And hey, unlike the silly EPpy people, the SNDies people actually provide LINKS to the work! (Angela Grant has supplied us with links to many of the EPpy nominees.)

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The folks who run the awards have moved to a quarterly system and will still do annual awards, I am told. The reason? Multimedia and interaction design moves too fast to think only annually. Thanks for linking to the SNDies!

Comment by Matt Mansfield

Thanks for the explanation! I was a SND.ies judge for two years (the usual stint) in 2004-2005. It was a lot of work, but fascinating.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

That’s right. I should have remembered that you were a judge. Thanks for the hard work (I know it is) … We’re going to do a larger piece for the annual judging from UNC in August, so we’ll alert folks when that goes up because we think it will be useful behind-the-scenes stuff.

Comment by Matt Mansfield

Ok, Mindy.
I’m a brazilian journalist and I teach journalism online, ethics and law in communications.

Your blog is very interesting.


Comment by Rogério Christofoletti

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