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Five sites doing something right
April 27, 2007, 9:01 pm
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Hard to resist a challenge like this: Ryan Sholin invites us to write about someone, somewhere, doing it right. “Heck, tell me about five.”

He started us off with five of his own choosing.

Here are my five:

Santa Barbara Independent: This California arts and entertainment weekly recently redesigned its Web site, and it looks great! They offer good news coverage too.

Brady Lane’s ongoing video learning experience. Check out “On the Bus with Tex.” Lane has mastered time-lapse!

Missiles and Nuclear Installations of North Korea (Misiles e instalaciones nucleares de Corea del Norte): No words are necessary to explain what this animated graphic is saying (from El País). Have you ever seen a better use of satellite images? I haven’t!

The Bakersfield crew covering a local murder trial with tight, short, well-conceived videos. Check out how well these videos are titled, blurbed, and introduced! Davin McHenry says site traffic has doubled this week.

Meranda Writes: I’ve linked to this blog before, but I have to say I love the enthusiasm for journalism that I find here. If j-schools can send out young ones like this more often, I think we’ll be okay. Two examples: One about learning her craft in a place where the mentors have left; the other on why she chose journalism.

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