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Khoi Vinh on The Times redesign
April 13, 2007, 12:56 pm
Filed under: design, newspapers, online, usability

The Times of London recently launched a smart, crisp redesign of its Web site, and Khoi Vinh wrote a fabulous illustrated critique of it earlier this week. (Vinh is the design director at NYTimes.com.)

I don’t like to comment on our competition … I do make an exception, though, for those instances where I think a competitor has really hit it out of the park, and when I like a design enough to be effusively positive about it.

And if you want to understand how to apply a grid to Web site design, see Vinh’s swell example.

If the grid concept is new to you, young grasshopper, then get a book and start learning.

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I’m just impressed that I can go to a Web site in England and get an ad asking if I want to meet single women in my hometown.

I don’t, being happily married and all that. But that sort of innovation makes me feel a bit better about being employed in this field for another couple of years.

Comment by bdure

Ha, I noticed that too! And what’s even funnier is, the singles being advertised (in my U.S. town) were all women, in the photos. Sorry, Times of London — not my cuppa tea!

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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