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What people really think about news Web sites
April 9, 2007, 2:09 am
Filed under: design, news, online, usability

Okay, Koci just implored us all not to complain so much, but Steve at Lost Remote has posted the funniest list of gripes that real users have, and even though it points out all the bad stuff about news Web sites — well, just go and read it. I think you will laugh. I did.

And if you’re in charge of one of these sites, then go hire an intelligent designer and change this stuff! Please!

Hey — even though Steve refers to TV news Web sites, don’t think there are no newspaper sites that are every bit as ridiculous. Especially when it comes to blinking mortgage ads! And yes, “Great use of tabs!”

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That was hilarious!

Comment by Angela Grant

I was almost falling out of my chair! I hope people understand it when they read it. I mean, I hope it’s not only “preaching to the choir.”

Comment by Mindy McAdams

I just sent the link to the guys I’m working with on building a website. Hopefully I won’t be laughing at (or bludgeoning) myself looking at this list in a few months.

Comment by Chris

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