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Don’t get Twitter? Me neither
April 2, 2007, 1:33 pm
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But lots of people get it, and love it, so we need to at least try to understand it. The Lost Remote guys posted a link to this illuminating video in which Rex Sorgatz (of Fimoculous) and “some hot podcast girl” (!) explain it all to us.

Will Twitter Make Us More Connected?

Is it just another “useless Web app clogging up the hipsters’ sidebars”?

If you’re behind the curve on the phenom of Twitter, Jack Lail of The Knoxville News-Sentinel covered it in this post, back in the heat of the moment earlier this month.

I find it too slow to tolerate — but if you must, connect.

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I agree its slowness is a pain. I assume that is the result of being instantly popular. It actually works pretty well early and late.

I’m not that much of a social animal: no Facebook, no MySpace, but I find this really addicting. But it does take some time to get used to. I don’t know that I have it figured out.

We have created an account for the big Tennessee music festival Bonnaroo, and we’ll have a person posting to Twitter on-site.


It could be fun. It could be interesting. It could be news coverage? (Course, that won’t be only “coverage” we’re doing.)

Comment by Jack D. Lail

I haven’t figured out why it’s addicting yet. In fact, I forget to post about as often as I remember. But it was kinda cool to whine about my neck hurting on Twitter and then run into Craig and have him ask how my neck was.
On the other hand, I prefer reading the NYT on Twitter than in RSS. Something about having the story IM’ed to me that is appealing.

Comment by Megan Taylor

Okay, Megan, tell us again how you did that.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

Twitter seems to be one of those idea nuggets that will eventually be co-opted/integrated into something bigger. I just wish I could figure out what that thing is.

I *do* think it’s part of the micro-opinion movement. Voting and tagging are variations on this concept, but short bursts of thought/opinion are also quite interesting. I’ve noticed quite a few gmailers who constantly change the short messages in the Google Talk window. Again, I’m not sure what the long-range, newsy application would be, but it’s certainly something to monitor.

Comment by Mac

Perhaps you (and a lot of other people) picked the wrong time to casually try Twitter. I didn’t sign up until one of my friends from a past SXSW clued me in that it was going to be a big thing there just before the trip. SXSW (a geek conference held each Spring in Austin, TX for the unaware) was the epicenter of the Twitter explosion last month. That’s where it got slow and that’s when the AIM connection broke. There were big plasma screens in the hallways running a Flash app that swam the latest tweets from the conference goers across the screens.

I noticed a slight uptick in your tweets since you posted this, Mindy.

Twitter is something that does one thing and does it pretty well, except when undergoing explosive growth like in the past month. Did you notice that the auto-refresh was scaled back to 10 minutes from two?

Twitter is a virtual water cooler for people that work in small (or solo) offices. It’s kind of like IM for people that don’t want to be bothered with IM, and it’s asynchronous. It’s kind of like updating your IM status without the commitment of being logged in to IM.

Twitter is “blogging for the ADD afflicted” (overheard at SXSW).

I bet the facebook mini-feed is a blatant rip-off of it. It’s much less weighty, in a social-network sense, than facebook or mySpace.

It allows you to have an online relationship with someone with less commitment than giving out your e-mail address or IM name does.

I agree with Mac that it’s probably something that Google or Yahoo will swallow up at some point. I think that was his point, or part of it.

To what Megan did,
1. Add nytimes, http://twitter.com/nytimes
2. Go to your profile and enable IM (only Google works right now)
You can also get http://twitter.com/bbcworld that way.

It doesn’t seem to be overrun by cat or puppy bloggers, yet. Or at least I don’t have to see them or haven’t run across them.

I hope this makes sense.

And, point of protocol, when you tweeted that you were “blogging about twitter,” you didn’t include the URL. 😉

Whether you stick with it or not, well, that depends as much on your friends as it does on you. I think it would be neat if you tweeted “holding office hours” so I could know when to come interrupt you (without having to check your profile). 😉

Comment by Craig

I beg to differ with you on the point about cat bloggers.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

But otherwise — thanks for the great comment, Craig!

Comment by Mindy McAdams

Well, maybe I’m lucky then that none of my twitter friends are cat bloggers.

Comment by Craig

stealing my thunder, eh, Craig? I guess that’s what I get for sleeping in.

Comment by Megan Taylor

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