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Time-lapse slideshow: USA Today
March 22, 2007, 1:27 am
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We continually discover new things about storytelling in this medium. A post at the USA Today Interactivity blog takes us into the mind of the photo editors who received 469 photos from a photographer on assignment in New Orleans.

There was some discussion about whether we should turn all 469 photos into a video, or select a handful for a photo slideshow. We decided to go with the slideshow for three reasons: we could show the photos larger and more clearly than we could the video, the slideshow would be more interactive than video, and by limiting the number of photos, we could tell a more compelling and interesting story.

I like those reasons; they make sense. But I’m not so wild about the slideshow. Here’s why:

  • It’s kind of a small, nondescript house. Wouldn’t it be more interesting if the house had at least two stories? As there’s demolition all over New Orleans, it seems possible that there were other houses.
  • I don’t mind dragging a slider, but I would have liked to see the slideshow also offer autoplay forward — and backward.
  • I like the idea of showing the demolition — it’s relevant to the story — but in the end I have to ask what I got out of watching that. Did I learn anything? Understand something new?

I do really like the design of the full package. It’s understated, clear and classy. The interaction of the bar graph and the map is perfect.

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