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Yes, information wants to be free(d)
March 20, 2007, 1:07 pm
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It drives me plumb crazy when I read about defensive practices in news organizations. All it shows is that those people don’t get the Web at all. Locking up content kills content. Freeing up content attracts readers and viewers, browsers and surfers. If you intend to sell advertising, you need more site visitors. So, duh, how hard is this to figure out?

Those horrible aggregators and blogs are also providing a great service for newspaper sites — they are driving traffic to the stories there. That traffic can then be monetized with online ads. Charging licensing fees to bloggers for citing your story or charging people to read your stories online is not going to save newspapers from some sort of doomsday scenario.

That’s from an excellent column on this subject (and why the Web will not kill investigative journalism) from Mark Glaser at MediaShift.

Maybe you could gather up your execs and have them chant these words of wisdom once a day:

  1. Links to my content are good. Links bring me audience.
  2. SEO is vital. SEO means search engine optimization. Every nook and cranny of my site needs SEO.
  3. My content is only as good as the content people can find when they want it. Hidden content is the same as no content at all.

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