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Shiny new front page at DelawareOnline
March 14, 2007, 1:22 pm
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There’s a new design at DelawareOnline.com, one of those Gannett news sites that’s doing an Information Center-based, “we are all onliners” transformation. It has a clean and clear look overall — that’s a good thing. (I wonder: Will the sexy 3-D curves seem outdated in a few months? I do like them for now.)

There’s a funny thing with the top navigation that I have not seen before. I like it, but I’d be curious to learn how it plays out with average users. You’ve got the typical horizontal button bar. Click a button, go to that section of the site. The innovation is a little additional widget button, embedded in the regular button and marked with a triangle. Click that, and you see section-specific secondary nav without actually going to the section. (Plenty of news sites show the second-level nav with a rollover; it’s the embedded widget button that’s unusual.)

For now, this exists only on the front page. The interior section fronts and the article pages have not been updated yet.

(Tip via HuffyintheStreet.)

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I really like the new look.

As observed by a blogger (was it you?) newspapers sites are taking on a “style.”

and then there’s:

I have no point: only bloggers have to have a point, right? 😉

Comment by Mark

I guess you mean a UNIQUE style, or a signature style? It was not I who blogged that. But I do think it would be nice if an online news front had some personality and character. You know, CNET — with its saturated yellow — has always had a signature look. I think the news sites have been too cookie-cutter and boring for far too long.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

What I meant was newspaper sites are cookie-cutter.

Comment by Mark

Oh, yes — especially the (former) Knight Ridder sites! That chain deserved to die if only for what it did to its Web properties.

The Tribune company is not much better. NYTRG is pretty bad too.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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