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Inside “the most important story in Oakland”
March 12, 2007, 8:51 pm
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Ryan Sholin dug deep into this ambitious online story package from Oakland, California: Not Just a Number. A lot of people get killed there. The idea behind the package: These are people, not statistics. Many of them are not criminals, not drug dealers. Every one of them has a story, but these stories usually go untold in the news media.

Ryan interviewed two of the journalists who worked on the story, Sean Connelley and Katy Newton (of 49th Parallel Productions). I learned a lot from their story about how they gained the confidence of people who had lost family members to violence — and who are distrustful of journalists because of their experiences.

The interactive site can be expanded and kept up to date. Newton told Ryan:

Sean built the site so it could be easily updated by the staff at the Tribune. You don’t need to know Flash, all you need to know is how to fill out a form and upload photos. That goes for every component of the site. Everything can be easily updated by staff.

Earlier, Ryan wrote a good and thoughtful critique of the project — to which Connelley posted a very informative comment. It’s worth your attention.

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At the moment we’re asking for any one with an idea they’d like to see happen to submit it via http://www.projectredstripe.com. This might be something that would interest some of your students. If they want to keep track of the project then we also have a blog on that site.

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