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Your lowest-cost audio kit
March 5, 2007, 1:27 pm
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Mark Johnson teaches photojournalism at the University of Georgia, and let me tell you, he and his students are ON FIRE. Last October, they were not doing any multimedia in his classes. Now they’re gathering and editing their own audio, making Soundslides and just basically drinking all the Kool-Aid they can get their hands on. Next up: Photo blogging. Stay tuned.

So Mark sent this e-mail to the Listserv for this week’s Poynter seminar, and I asked if I could copy and paste it here. He said yes. I have added the links.

One key thing is that Mark personally tested the Electro-Voice 635 series mics (my choice) against the insanely cheap Nady models (also recommended by Richard Koci Hernandez), and Mark swears the quality is equal. Okay, $10 or $100 — which would YOU buy?

A short list of stuff to get …

Recorder — the Olympus WS-300M is what we have here. Runs about $80 online, has separate mic and earphone jacks (so you can listen to exactly what you’re recording — very important).

Microphone — Nady SP-4C, $10 (special deal for a six-pack). Includes the (XLR-to-mini) cable, but you’ll need an adapter from Radio Shack (or some other electronic retailer) to convert the 1/4 inch plug to a 1/8 inch plug, which is what’s on most recorders. The adapter is about $3.

Add in Audacity, Soundslides and EasyWMA (the WMA file converter we use here) and you’re good to get started.

Thanks, Mark!

Update (9:59 a.m.): Oh, that Mark! He just launched his PJ teacher’s blog. He wrote: “Because while the world doesn’t really need another blog, my students do. And maybe yours do, too. Share at will, updated randomly.”

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I’d go w/the 635 simply because it is nearly indestructable. You can pound nails, use it in the rain…whatever…and it will not die. (I should know…when i went to work at KOVR in 1990 I got one that was older than the hills and it was still there when I left.)

Comment by cyndy green

Thanks, Cyndy. The Nady models seem to hold up well, according to Mark. They do have a metal body.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

I use the 635 with a micromemo, a small device that plugs into the bottom of my 5th generation iPod, and am delighted with the results. The micromemo also comes with a small microphone of it’s own so even if I leave the electrovoice mic at home, I’ve still got recording kit for those spur of the moment…errr… moments. We’ve then edited and broadcast some of the audio on BBC network radio.

I wrote a review and posted some audio using each of the mics here: http://www.cybersoc.com/2007/01/micromemo_recor.html

Comment by Cybersoc

Should have made sure that link was working before I posted – sorry. The review of the micromemo is here.

Comment by Cybersoc

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