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What the — ? Indeed!
March 1, 2007, 12:40 am
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Is the Miami Herald ripping off the famous Roanoke TimesCast? It’s a pretty interface, but let’s talk content. (I noticed it is produced by college students. Will the rest of the Herald’s online audience realize that? Does it matter?)

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I noticed the lack of content.

I was distracted by the “click on the button to see X over there,” grand gesture with arm pointing. I don’t need to be handled, just informed.

I was also distracted by the over-personability. Seemed like a great service for kids. They need to be as sophisticated as their audience. If they are attempting to engage a younger audience, then they need to realize who that is – young AND intelligent.

Comment by David Harris

This sure sounds familiar.

Comment by Will Sullivan

Actually its a ripoff of http://9.yahoo.com.

It’s produced by Herald employees (hired for this project) using UM facilities.

Comment by Anonymous

Oh, gosh, that Yahoo thing (“The 9“) is really awful! Can you say “cheesy”?

Comment by Mindy McAdams

I like it when a news outlet develops a newscast like our TimesCast product — it makes me happy to see that we may have influenced other sites enough to develop their own take on what we have developed for ourselves.

We’re all in this together and we should be happy that we to helped another site develop a new product.

It’s kind of like when I first started doing audio slideshows 6 years ago or so . . . I wanted others to start doing them too — to help multimedia journalism evolve —

By helping other webcasts develop we can learn from their successes and failures so that our web products can become even better — kudos to The Miami Herald for thinking outside the box.

Please check out our interactive ad for a new editor.



Seth M. Gitner
Multimedia Editor
The Roanoke Times/roanoke.com

Comment by multimediajournalism

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