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Missed the vision, ignored the visionaries
February 13, 2007, 1:28 pm
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You never know what you’ll find while Googling.

Currently, web publications are largely translations of traditional media. Little original content is produced, and changes are seldom made. In some cases, feature articles are created, possibly utilising multimedia. These “webortages” are still mostly based on linear story telling, which is typical for existing media. The “translation” concept is also used by many radio stations, which provide more or less the same audio stream both to web and broadcast listeners. Some features, such as background information on the news stories or personal home pages of radio personalities, may be included. Archived stories may also be available to those listeners who have missed their favourite show. Due to limited bandwidth, the amount of video content is small in present web publications. Fast web connections allowing the transmission of near-TV quality video pose a challenge to journalism to integrate text and video content.

That was published in 1999.

A team of researchers in Finland developed a prototype that looks so like the Web of today, you might be surprised.

The trial system was tested by 62 end-users in households in the Helsinki area. They were 7-70 years of age…. The users were mostly very experienced users of computers and the Internet. They had very little or no anxiety towards new technology.

There were several evaluation methods: forms on screen, interviews, log files and tracking eye movement while using IMU…. Personalization and integration were evaluated on the assumption that they add to the usefulness of the system. There were a total of 42 interviews before and during the trial, both on the phone and personally. 29 different users were interviewed in all….

The users’ opinion of the main interface was that it was simple and easy to use (Figure 12). The simplicity was due to the fact that the main controls and headlines were logically placed and visible at all times while browsing through articles….

Has the journalism field just been spinning its wheels for the past eight years?

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