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Opening the gates: WSJ frees video
February 9, 2007, 1:29 pm
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Dow Jones, the publishers of The Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch and Barron’s, has provided the public with the ability to take the embedded code from video clips on the Wall Street Journal site. To view the videos, you don’t need to subscribe to the WSJ. You can grab this code by simply pressing the “get code” button on the player [below].

This from Beet.tv (via I Want Media).

You do not need a subscription to view Wall Street Journal videos. Via a very, very simple link in the Journal’s Brightcove video player (slick!), you can copy the code in two clicks and then embed it on your own site.

This development, combined with the Journal’s recent print and online redesigns, indicates — to me, at least — that the Journal is thinking smart about where it’s going.

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Mindy FYI – You can access Wall Street Journal, zacks, mornignstar etc for free with a netpass from: http://news.congoo.com

Peter Zollman wrote about this on Poynter.org last week, I thought it was a great tip!

Comment by Blogger for peace

Wow, is that legal? I bet a lawsuit is not far off …

Comment by Mindy McAdams

The video feature looks handy, and a good way to spread content around and get it into the blogosphere a bit easier. The interface from WSJ online is clean and gives me choices, which I like. I wish it worked a little more like YouTube, though, where I can pause and let it load all the way, then play it uninterrupted. For those of us with a slower connection (caused, in this case, by lots of ocean and a sometimes-earthquake-damaged cable near Taiwan) it’s a bit of a pain to watch three seconds, then wait, then get a few more frames, then wait, then wait more, then give up and do something else.

Comment by Chris

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