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Secrets, Sources & Spin: It’s about journalism
February 6, 2007, 10:58 pm
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Frontline is touting a new documentary series about the practice of journalism today. They have a nice Web page up for this, complete with six video previews from interviews with William Safire, Pat Buchanan, Bill Keller, John McLaughlin, Eric Schmidt and Jeff Jarvis. (Yes, every single one of them a white man over 40. You’d think Frontline could have found one woman to talk to somewhere in the upper echelons, don’t you? I do.) The interview with Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, is quite interesting.

News War: Secrets, Sources & Spin, Part I is scheduled to air on PBS stations one week from today — on Tuesday, Feb. 13, 2007, at 9 p.m., but check your local listings.

Frontline examines the political and legal forces challenging the mainstream news media today and how the press has reacted in turn. Correspondent Lowell Bergman talks to the major players in the debates over the role of journalism in 2007, examining the relationship between the Bush administration and the press; the controversies surrounding the use of anonymous sources in reporting from Watergate to the present; and the unintended consequences of the Valerie Plame investigation — a confusing and at times ugly affair that ultimately damaged both reporters’ reputations and the legal protections they thought they enjoyed under the First Amendment.

Found via Kevin Anderson’s nice new personal blog. (Gosh, Kevin, how do you have time to keep a personal blog?)

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Hmmmm. Jennifer Carroll at Gannett, Vivian Schiller at NYT, Rebecca MacKinnon late of Harvard’s Berkman Center. Geneva Overholser. Jan Schaffer. Mindy McAdams. Nora Paul. Heck, that’s just off the top of the head of a UFWM (under 40 white male).

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