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Mid-range price, "pro-sumer" video
February 6, 2007, 11:23 pm
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Cyndy Green has posted a surprisingly brief rundown on these models, priced between $900 and $1,500.

The main trouble is, you gotta have a mic input and a headphone out — and most cameras in this price range do not deliver.

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I was astonished to see how few camcorders with mike/headset ports there were. It is perplexing that folks would pay big bucks for quality video and then not give a hoot about the audio. If this trend continues, you may have to pay thousands for the right to record good sound. I’m working on a Rube Goldberg device with a friend that might fix the problem…but it would be simpler if the manufacturers would just leave what works on the camera and get rid of the special effects and other stuff that people use even less than the mike inputs.
Stranger yet…in specs for some cameras I’m seeing a mike input, but no headset port. Couldn’t the manufacturer at least indicate that (most likely) the AV port can be used for monitoring sound?

Comment by cyndy green

Well, the upcoming Canon HV20 looks promising in this regard–$1,099, HD, mic and headphone jacks.

Comment by Craig

I know, that Canon HV 20 looks AWESOME! I have my eye on it. It’s supposed to be on the U.S. market in April.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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