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Increasing use of freelancers and part-timers?
January 25, 2007, 2:10 pm
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Wow, the comments are still coming in on my earlier post Getting (and keeping) a job in journalism (28 so far) — and not just from students!

Chuck Fadely writes:

Most media companies are using freelancers and part-timers rather than new hires these days.

More important than the computer course are the acccounting and biz courses that will allow one to survive as an independent contractor.

That’s news to me — is this practice widespread?

I know that newspapers in Canada were hiring contractors for a lot of online work back in the 1990s — and maybe they still are. But U.S. newspapers? I would like to learn more about this.

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Not true in Canada. The freelance market has just shrunk, with more freelancers turning to corporate work to pay the bills.

Newspapers, especially the CanWest chain, seem to be relying more and more on wire copy, particularly from the U.S.

It’s sad, but that’s the way things have been going.

Comment by zhoule

Oh, heck, I think the stringers were better than the wire copy!

But I think maybe Chuck was referring to videographers and Web designers — more than writers.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

I’m the photo editor of the National Post (CanWest’s flagship paper). We are moving steadily into video and what it means is our staff photographers will be shooting more video … and we will be freelancing more of the still assignments. That said, photojournalism jobs in Canada have shrunk ….
Jeff Wasserman

Comment by Jeff Wasserman's Blog

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