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Trial by fire: Multimedia reporting
January 17, 2007, 10:40 pm
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I enjoyed two posts from Bobbie Johnson, who describes himself as “a grunt reporter. My day to day work involves covering mainly consumer technology news across the Guardian newspaper and Guardian Unlimited website … This past week I’ve been reporting from the US for the Guardian at both the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and MacWorld in San Francisco.” Ah, nothing is more fun than being dispatched to cover a gigantic trade show (I speak from experience; mine was Comdex at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, many moons ago when PCs were still the new technology).

In Multimedia Reporting 101, Johnson chronicles his efforts to cover CES and MacWorld “in text, blog and audio, but also — for the first time — in video too.” Among his observations:

Video is both hard and time consuming: Regardless of my own abilities in front of and behind the camera (I think “rough at best” would be a good description), it was very difficult to manage my time as a lone reporter across all media. Transatlantic time differences made it particularly tough, but it’s easy to underestimate how much time you can spend on video.

In his follow-up, Multimedia Reporting 102, he reflects on some of the interesting comments his first post attracted:

… my initial thoughts … are that lots of short, sharp pieces are much more likely to succeed than a single longer one — and that there may not be much of a market for the “video write thru” method. Compiling as our media consumption continues to shift, but right now how many people actually watch longer form video online? Probably not enough to make it financially viable for reporters.

Smart comments from one of the folks right down in the trenches of the new new journalism.

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