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How Joe Weiss got started in multimedia
January 10, 2007, 2:51 pm
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Joe is one of my heroes in online journalism, if you didn’t already know. Pat Walters at Poynter did a nice interview with him, posted yesterday.

I never heard this story before, about how Joe did a photo story at an orphanage (not sure what year this was — maybe 1999? That’s when we had Flash 4), and as he drove away, he couldn’t stop thinking about things the kids had said. This inspired him, “on a whim,” to drive over to Best Buy and get a MiniDisc recorder to go back and record the kids.

So I made this story, based off of that picture story, and the paper didn’t even have a Web site to put it on…. They had a Web site, but it was a marketing Web site. They weren’t even [posting] news at that time…. I put it up [anyway] and it got a lot of traffic. It was … a Britannica site of the day. Yahoo recognized it…. All these site-of-the-day kinda things. And that was how I started [in] multimedia…. It came out of a frustrated picture story.

I don’t know where that orphanage story is today, but I still use this 2001 package by Joe as an example in workshops: Touching Hearts. Joe’s not too proud of the audio today, but at the time, it was incredible. In my opinion, the package still holds up admirably in every way today. (I still love the animated heart graphic.)

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