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Adding visual effects to a Soundslides
January 10, 2007, 1:33 pm
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Look at what Michael Fagans did with the first three frames of this Soundslides about a local boxing gym: Gym Dreams (2 min. 5 sec.).

Gym Dreams
The effect is really nice and quite cinematic, as he observed himself in his blog. Mike is a staff photographer for the Watertown (N.Y.) Daily Times.

I have been encouraging students to add some purpose-built frames to their Soundslides so that the presentation incorporates some meaningful text — at least a title screen at the start and a credits screen at the end (see a class assignment). The technique Mike came up with here (first time I’ve seen it in a Soundslides) works great and really sets the mood.

I also like his audio on this piece. I was thinking, since Soundslides gives us such good control over what we hear when we see an individual frame, maybe we should start adding some “punctuation” when we have so many different voices in one Soundslides. For example, when a new boxer begins to speak in Mike’s audio track, we could see a close-up or portrait of that guy — and with a two-frame effect similar to Mike’s title effect at the front, we could see a name and a tagline, something like “Joe Blow, boxing for six months.”

Richard Hernandez just posted a Soundslides tutorial, by the way. So if you still haven’t downloaded Soundslides, hop over there and see what everyone’s talking about.

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OK, can we move on now? Soundslides is a nice little convenient audio slideshow app, that is getting many newspapers to do something different with slideshows, but it’s becoming the Powerpoint of photojournalists.
(Except Powerpoint has more options.)

It’s like Gifbuilder or Pagespinner. Handy for beginners.

Comment by Duffer

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