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Photo galleries compared
January 9, 2007, 12:17 pm
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Although it’s about all bowl games (the first eight pictures are from THE bowl game), washingtonpost.com’s photo gallery is about 100 times better looking than this one (THE game only) from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

The Post’s gallery (probably built on SlideShowPro) functions more cleanly too.

The Sun-Sentinel’s gallery was designed to function in a pop-up window, but even in the window, it’s clunky. The transitions are jarring and the layout is awkward. The Orlando Sentinel is stuck with basically the same design.

The photo gallery at ESPN took an incredibly long time to load this morning. However, it was worth the wait — 15 carefully edited photos, and they are HUGE. The presentation includes a very intrusive advertisement that interrupts your viewing at least twice (I can understand having the ad at the front, but come on — this was too annoying!)

Update (10:25 a.m.): Just found the first-rate bowl game gallery from The Independent Florida Alligator. We rule in football. We also rule in photojournalism!

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Just a note to clarify and give some praise to some great web guys:
washingtonpost.com’s photogalleries are produced on deadline by propriety software built by the amazing designers/developers Nelson Hus, Brian Cordyak and Frank Thomason.

Comment by Steven King

Thanks for clearing that up, Steven! I know Nelson Hsu and Brian Cordyak — I interviewed them for my Flash Journalism book back in 2003. They are among the very top designers in the online news field. I don’t know Frank Thomason, though. I’ll have to keep an eye out for his work.

Comment by Mindy McAdams


You’re right. Pop-up photo gallery windows aren’t as user-friendly as embedded ones. And Web producers and photographers treat them too often as dumping grounds for everything that didn’t make print. But we’re working on getting better: We’ll be redesigning our Tribune photo galleries to be embedded. And we’re making better use of Soundslides where appropriate. Finally, we’re working on training staff to understand that photo galleries need to be edited like picture books — with the same green eyeshade we take to prose.

Comment by amoor

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