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Multimedia journalism competitions
January 8, 2007, 12:00 pm
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Angela Grant looked up the major online journalism contests out there (at least, the major U.S.-based contests) and posted links to each one. I added a couple in her comments section too. Like me, Grant is interested mainly in the awards for multimedia and interactive work, video, slideshows, etc.

Her list includes the NAA Digital Edge, EPpys (Editor & Publisher), and the Online News Association — among others. The best one for overall design (as opposed to photojournalism or reporting) is the SNDies, from the Society for News Design. The biggest international competition for news design is Malofiej (deadline: Feb. 15).

Grant has covered all the major ones for visual journalism work online; here are some other competitions.

Society of Professional Journalists

SPJ has eight categories for entries under Online Reporting in the SDX Awards:

    42. Deadline Reporting (affiliated)
    43. Deadline Reporting (independent)
    44. Non-Deadline Reporting (affiliated)
    45. Non-Deadline Reporting (independent)
    46. Investigative Reporting (affiliated)
    47. Investigative Reporting (independent)
    48. Public Service in Online Journalism (affiliated)
    49. Public Service in Online Journalism (independent)

In SPJ’s Mark of Excellence Awards for student journalism, the following categories come under Online:

    33. Online News Reporting
    34. Online Feature Reporting
    35. Online In-Depth Reporting
    36. Online Sports Reporting
    37. Online Opinion and Commentary
    38. Best Affiliated Web site
    39. Best All-Around Independent Online Student Publication

Other Awards for Online Work

SXSW Interactive is coming up in March. I was looking for the finalists list, but it doesn’t seem to be online yet! Deadline was Dec. 15. This event takes place each year in Austin, Texas.

FlashForward in a new, Mac-centric incarnation is happening this week in San Francisco, in conjunction with MacWorld. This all-Flash love fest produced a fascinating set of winners in September.

Finally, there are the Webbys. The 2006 winners are online, along with the finalists. There are categories for magazines, newspapers, video, government, health, news, television, radio, etc. You can enter your site now — deadline is Jan. 26. Each Web site requires a hefty $245 (U.S.) fee, except for entries in the Blog-Personal/Culture, Personal Web Site, NetArt, Student and Weird categories ($125) and entries in Viral and Student Film & Video ($95). I guess that keeps the riffraff out!

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Do you think the SDX awards for online include multimedia? I checked out the online category, and the only info about allowable submissions is, “Entry may be a single article or series of no more than 10 articles and may include additional materials.”

I guess multimedia could fit under “additional materials.” But what if the multimedia was a stand-alone story, with no article? Hmm…

Comment by Angela Grant

I get the impression that the SDX awards do not care one bit if the work is 100 percent text. Such a shame! But when you look at even the ONA awards — you see an overabundance of text, text and more text. That’s why I appreciate the SNDies and the photo competitions so much.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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