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Infographic: New Dallas Stadium
January 8, 2007, 12:32 pm
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Online graphic by Layne Smith and team at The Dallas Morning News: Dallas Cowboys’ Shining Star.

According to a post in a Visual Editors forum, this graphic got 42,000 hits* in the first 24 hours — compared with 20,000-plus for the (text) story on the same topic. That matches anecdotal evidence given me by various online news-graphics gurus — when you put a meaningful information graphic online, people will swarm on it (if they can find it, of course — but that’s another story).

What strikes me about this graphic is its simplicity. There are exactly five graphics used. There is one button symbol (plus navigation). There is no animation and no 3-D. It is totally easy to use.

My journalism students can make a graphic like this in their third week of Flash instruction (see their assignment). There really is no good reason why more newsrooms are not turning out graphics like this more often. That’s not to say there are not REASONS — but I think a lot of editors ought to give this some serious thought. 42,000 hits?

* The word “hits” was the word he used. I think he probably meant page views.

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Mindy, One thing about this I noticed is that I can’t find the link to the text story. When I saw the graphic, I wanted to know more about the details, but couldn’t find the original story. Sure, most people will be coming from the dmn online story, but it could be easier to find a link back to that story.

Second, thanks for the syllabus link. that’s a great resource for educators who are trying to figure out how to do online journalism classes.

Comment by Murley

All of my course syllabi are completely online:


Everyone is welcome to mix and match as they like. (But don’t claim credit for my work, of course.)

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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