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Get down with Flash video
November 30, 2006, 4:47 am
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Tom Green has followed up on his two excellent articles about Flash video: The Rise of Flash Video, Part 3 — and this time, he’s getting down to business!

What you need to play along:

  • QuickTime or Windows Movie Maker
  • Flash Professional 8
  • Flash 8 Video Encoder (you already have this if you have Flash 8 Pro)

Now, about encoding that video:

This … is what separates you from the YouTube neophytes. As I pointed out in part two of this series, it is not Flash video that sucks on YouTube, it is how the FLV was encoded that makes it such a bad experience.

The detail he provides about encoding is first-rate.

Here’s where I part ways with Green. He suggests that you use the FLVPlayback component found in the Flash Professional 8 Component library. I think it’s easier for first-timers to do it all in the Flash Video Encoder. I posted a PDF explaining this, so you can compare the two methods and choose the one you like.

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Comment by Rita Colaço

Thanks for your comment on my blog, Mindy. Your pdf tutorial here is great and was extremely helpful last night. I will take your advice and ditch the transitions from now on.

Is there an easy way to make the video not auto start when the page is loaded? Is adding a button, the way you describe in the pdf, the only way? Or can I adjust the settings when making the flash video?

Thanks again for your help.

Comment by Brady

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