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What MSNBC.com gained from the flip book
November 25, 2006, 6:00 pm
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Robert Hood, director of multimedia MSNBC.com, weighed in at length in the middle of a huge discussion at Lightstalkers about the MediaStorm / Ed Kashi / Iraqi Kurdistan “flip book.”

He says his team was asked to contribute to a story project MSNBC.com was doing about Iraqi Kurdistan.

We looked into all of our traditional sources and came across a set of pictures that Ed Kashi shot there about 18 months ago. … we bought enough pictures for a tradidional MSNBC.com slideshow. That could have been the end of this discussion. … However, just as we’re wrapping up production on our slideshow, we got email from MediaStorm about an Ed Kashi Iraqi Kurdistan project. I looked at [it] right away and noticed that it was the same set of pictures.

So Hood calls up his old buddy Brian Storm (founder and principal at MediaStorm):

… and he explained this whole auction idea (that’s a topic for another thread). I told Brian that I was interested in the presentation, but that it felt more like art than journalism. … I showed it to several people in our office. The reaction was quite positive. My head began to drift toward making a bid for the project. … I went home that night and … My kids had a couple friends over. … So, I pulled each kid aside and had them watch the project. I told each one to look away, walk away as soon as they became bored or uninterested in what they were seeing. Every one of them watched the entire project. …

That’s when Hood decided to bid on it.

I can’t share specific numbers, but I can tell you that MSNBC.com made our money back in two days off of ad plays at the beginning of the piece. So, would I do a project exactly like this again. No. Would I be open to new things, experimental things, HELL YES!

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