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Get me video — now!
November 19, 2006, 1:38 pm
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Newsrooms that want a bunch of quick-and-dirty video from the street should check out the heap of information in this post from dailywireless.org (found via Unmediated).

It covers one-click video unloads from mobile phones, thanks to ShoZu; the $129 Pure Digital Point & Shoot Camcorder discussed here last week (available at your local Target store); and a whole library’s worth of links to related blog posts and articles.

This topic harks back to the day last month when a Fox News reporter used a Treo PDA phone to transmit live video:

Scott Wilder, a cameraman for the network, had been about 20 blocks away on another assignment when the [New York plane] crash occurred. Wilder ran uptown and reported live from the scene using a Palm Treo smart phone that uses the existing mobile network to transmit video to the Fox News control room. From there, Fox News sent it out live on TV to supplement other video being shot by local traffic helicopters.

Wilder’s work represents one of the first instances of a network using video captured via mobile phone camera live on the air. Fox News has experimented with the practice several times in recent weeks with CometVision, software designed by Ohio-based Comet Video Technologies.

Comet Video Technologies provides various services for portable video transmission.

If you really want a trashy cheap video camera, look here.

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