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Two golf courses
November 16, 2006, 1:35 am
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Angela Grant of the San Antonio Express-News posted a great comment, very detailed, about reporters shooting video — here.

So I went over to her blog and found that she had made a couple of very good posts about multimedia packages (with links): Multimedia review and Multimedia review (con’t).

Through those posts, I found this Flash-animated golf course package from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Well, I feel uneasy about this package. Like most folks who love multimedia journalism, I consider Joe Weiss an inspiration. I’m a big fan of his work — including the U.S. Open golf course graphic he designed for The News & Observer in 2005. It was so good, it won a rare Gold Award in the SNDies Multimedia Competition. It’s one of those packages — I remember the first time I saw it. I thought: “Wowie! Joe’s back! And how!”

The production and the video in the AJC package are very good. Some of their panoramas could be stitched better, but so it goes. The Flash functionality is excellent.

Look for yourself, and see how you feel about the newer package after you compare it with Joe’s. Maybe I’m just over-sensitive or something.

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WOW! I would say that the AJC is a total rip off of Joe’s piece. And one that is not as well done. If you are going to rip off someone’s design (which could be considered a compliment to Joe for doing something so inspirational), you have to do it better…or at least as well!

First, I think my major problem here is that the design and graphics are even identical. Compare the interface and the graphic used to indicate a panorama. That is just plain wrong…ask any designer! I can understand the concept of the story design being similar – video/audio about the holes, panoramas, etc… but the interface looks the same and everything.

Secondly, I feel that the content in Joe’s video/audio is much more valuable than the audio in the AJC piece. It gives the specific details that a golfer or other visitor to the site would want in a concise clip.

Thirdly, the graphics on Joe’s piece are MUCH slicker. While I have no objection to hand drawings. If you are going to copy…you can’t begin to compare the two!

Lastly, the N&O piece has much more depth. The N&O site also has a story about Payne Stewart, a Pinehurst Timeline, and photos from the Open…not to mention that they had a running scoreboard during the Open.

While the AJC has created a cool infographic for online…that is all it is…there is no background story. And it has no links to news coverage of the Tour and the news stories for the Tour don’t link to the interactive. Not to be a naysayer, but if you really only plan to feature this for the 4 days of the tour, it isn’t worth the time that I bet it required to develop.

Comment by Anonymous

This is just plain wrong. I think it amounts to plagarism. I had never seen the Joe Weiss version before.

People would never accept if a reporter took an article from another newspaper and copied it word for word under his own byline.

I don’t think this is ANY different…

It’s one thing to find inspiration in something and get ideas. This is quite another thing.

I can’t even believe this! My jaw is hanging open. I’d really like to hear an explanation from the ACJ team as to exactly how they thought this was okay to do.

Comment by Angela Grant

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