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Tips for blog writing
October 26, 2006, 11:54 am
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Vincent Maher posted a good list of tips for writing a good blog entry (explained in detail at his site):

  1. A blog entry is a stub for conversation
  2. Think about the perspectives of your audience
  3. Write tight headlines that encourage interest
  4. Make points or lists, and make them scan-friendly
  5. Link to the context
  6. Quote indirectly and link
  7. Format long documents for print
  8. Never delete anything
  9. Troll the blogosphere for secondary conversation
  10. Be active in your own conversations
  11. Create buzz everywhere

A shorter and maybe more obvious list from the Folksonomy blog:

  1. Spend time on appearance
  2. Focus on information design
  3. Keep things futureproof and scalable
  4. Standardize everything possible
  5. Streamline the posting process
  6. Keep things simple
  7. Put your readers above yourself

I think the Folksonomy tips are great for creating a sense of professionalism about your blog. But Maher’s list gets at the heart of a truly successful blog — a blog that has legs, a blog that grows its reader base steadily over time.

If you don’t have that, then your blog is just a shell, a container with no life in it.

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