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Knight Foundation wants to give you a piece of $5 million
October 13, 2006, 10:44 pm
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The goal is to create community through new media. It doesn’t have to be the Internet, and it doesn’t have to be newspaper-y.

Anybody, anywhere around the world can enter. Just as long as you’ve got an innovative idea that uses the digital world to connect people in the real world. That’s the only rule.

There are four clear categories:

  1. Pilot project: “These awards will support the development of pilot projects, prototypes, field tests or trials. This category is for real-life experiments designed to prove whether or not ideas work.”
  2. Leadership: These awards will “help shape, guide and organize many related ideas into a more powerful movement. The creation of an incubator center could be one example of leadership used to organize ideas and nurture new ones. Leadership also could mean bringing people together in new networks to achieve greater collective impact. … The goal of a leadership initiative is to spur action.”
  3. Commercial product: These awards will go to “great products that might not yield the return a venture capitalist is looking for, but that nonetheless are likely to be profitable and address a social need. The Knight Foundation might invest in the product, or we might introduce the entrepreneur to venture capitalists.”
  4. Open ideas: These awards will reward ideas that don’t fit in any of the other categories. “The open category is here to make sure we don’t miss working with the next ‘Google guys’ just because an idea didn’t fit a category.”

Deadline: Dec. 31, 2006. Read more at the News Challenge site.

The idea is simple: Newspapers used to define the communities we live in. They provided a place where ideas could get a tryout, and people used to talk about what they had read in the newspaper that day, or last night after work. So now that many of us spend more time using digital media and less time with newspapers and TV news, where does the community hear its own voice?

The News Challenge seeks ideas for using new media combined with the best news values to bind and build communities. Physical, geographic communities where people live and work.

Check out the videoaudio … or Q&A.

The Knight Foundation (which endowed the academic chair I hold at the University of Florida) is hyping the heck out of this, but there are really, truly no strings attached. They really want your ideas for how to get communities connected, to provide mechanisms for regular people to share concerns and work out problems and come to some kind of understanding about what is most important to THEM where THEY live.

This is NOT about the global village. This is about the village, your own village, and the people who walk where you walk, drive where you drive, shop and eat and play in the same places you do.

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