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Another lamb into the fold (video for the newspaper)
October 11, 2006, 1:36 pm
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Chuck Liddy, a newspaper photographer at The Raleigh News & Observer, writes:

After 32 years of capturing moments with still cameras a few weeks ago I was handed a Sony HDV video camera and set loose at select high school football games on Friday nights.

Yeah, I know, I said it “Hell would freeze over before I’ll ever shoot video” but I’m actually starting to have fun.

And a little more (go on, click and go read it):

Following the action is a little tricky at first, I mean there is no moving the camera away from your face and tracking a play, then getting back on it. Nope you do that and you’re likely to have video of the sky, ground, grandstands or your arm (don’t ask).

Another problem is making comments while the tape is rolling. Like messing up while zooming and saying “S*@t, what the f@$k are you doing you idiot?” Ah, nope it comes out REALLY loud on the tape, since that microphone is now turned ON.

So I make it through the first half without getting run over by a testosterone jacked teenager weighing over 200 pounds, smacked in the head by a flying cheerleader or impaled by one of the flag corps spinning flag thingies.

(Found via Journerdism.)

Here are Liddy’s videos of high school football.

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