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Convergence today: Audience-produced content
October 4, 2006, 1:22 pm
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Listen to Steve Safran of Lost Remote discuss convergence (very intelligently) in a podcast from the Charlottesville Podcasting Network. Basically, this is a traditional radio interview. The difference is, you can listen when you feel like listening or have some free time.

I have it playing right now, in another window, as I’m writing this. (Yes, I grew up in a generation that listened to the radio or stereo while doing homework.)

Favorite quotes:

[Newspapers] have a chance to recover if they figure out they’re not in the newspaper business.

… the L.A. Times says if you cut back any more of the staff, we won’t be able to put out quality journalism anymore. Do you know how many people they have in editorial right now? Eight hundred! You give me 800 people in editorial — I will win Pulitizer after Pulitizer after Pulitizer!

… 800 people should be able to knock on everybody’s door in town and tell them what’s going on.

If there’s anyone out there who is still scared to listen to a podcast, this one is handled perfectly. When you click the link above, you go to a nice, normal (silent) Web page. There’s a little audio player right there on the page, and it’s not hard to find. It works very well because it’s built with Flash (you know those Web sites that say “Built with Mac”? I think we need a new one that brags “Built with Flash” — especially for these beautiful little stress-free audio players). The only thing I would add is an indicator of total time (it’s 34 min. 24 sec.).

And if you haven’t read Lost Remote, do that too.

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You’re giving me a very big head, Mindy.

Oh wait – I have that already…

Thanks, again, for the continued shoutouts. Sounds like you teach a terrific class. Let me know how I can help.

Steve Safran
Managing Editor
Lost Remote

Comment by Steve Safran

And thanks for the nice words about the interface, Mindy! A lot of people are terrified of podcasts, and shut down the second they hear the word. But, when they realize they can listen to good content fairly easily, their eyes light up.

If you’re on blogger, I can even send you an embed code to put the audio for any of the recordings on CPN directly on your blog. I had tried to send the code to Steve Safran, but WordPress doesn’t like the embed code. If you’re interested, I can send it to you.

Comment by Sean Tubbs

The tough thing about podcasts is they’re hard to scan compared to blogs and other written content. Or even compared to video with its visual queues. But when people specifically recommend a podcast like you’ve done, I figure it’s worth checking out. Thanks.

Comment by Ed Kohler

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