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Journalism students blogging in Kazakhstan
September 23, 2006, 1:25 pm
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Frederick Emrich is using blogs in a Kazakhstan university course called New Information Technologies. He has a blog in which he announces all class assignments. The 18 separate student blogs are linked in the sidebar.

The blogs all center on online journalism. Emrich’s students are learning about icons such as OhmyNews, the famous citizen journalism site based in South Korea. They are copying (and linking for attribution) heavily from Online Journalism Review — and my own sites, which is quite flattering.

They are also finding cool stuff that I have not read before. For example: Blogs are different from journalism because … (thanks to a blog impossibly titled PalmerEldritchKz, written by a student named Anvar, who obviously has enjoyed reading Philip K. Dick).

The Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research (KIMEP) offers an undergraduate program in International Journalism.

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Hello, Mindy McAdams.
Firstable, thank you for visiting
our course weblog and also others. So,
I mede some comments here

Comment by kim so youn

Thanks very much for the mention, Mindy. As you have observed, we are using weblogs as a learning tool in our course. And we have made use of the information in TOJ.

I’m doubly glad to see that So Youn, one of our class participants, found your post and commented on it even before I had seen it myself.

Comment by Frederick Emrich

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