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Bluffton Today redesign
September 15, 2006, 3:20 pm
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Bluffton Today is a community journalism / citizen media site for the South Carolina community of Bluffton (about 15,000 people live there; see Google map), in case you have not heard the buzz (e.g., Batten Awards, JD) about it. Some content posted on the Web site is published in the Bluffton Today newspaper, a free daily distributed throughout the local area. The whole enchilada is the brainchild of Morris Communications Corp., which publishes 27 dailies and 16 weeklies, as well as assorted magazines.

Found via Steve Yelvington (Sept. 13), where you can read about what’s been changed. Bluffton Today Webmaster Lisa Smith also has a rundown of the changes made.

Steve points out that even though newspaper and Web site redesigns often inspire a lot of complaints, the Bluffton redesign “is getting very positive reviews.” Maybe because the publishers got users involved in the process, conducted actual usability tests (wow!) and didn’t just spring it on people without any warning. All smart moves!

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Steve Yelvington talked a bit about Bluffton during a panel discussion at the SPJ convention in Chicago in August.

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