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Online news design, Part 2
August 31, 2006, 2:48 pm
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I’m eager to get more nominations for good news fronts on the Web. These screenshots are full size from 1024 x 768 resolution in Firefox 1.5, no scrolling. Juan Antonio Giner nominated the top two. I nominate the following two. Click an image to see the site.

And nominate your own picks for best-designed news front on the Web! Leave a comment here, or send me an e-mail at mindy (you know what goes in between) macloo.com.

New York Observer

Austin American-Statesman


New York Times

I’m always interested to see what keywords are used in the site navigation. Many sites have moved to horizontal top navigation, but we still see some sites with left-side navigation, such as The New York Times (which also uses tabs at the top).

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I’d also suggest looking at these newspaper Web sites:
* The Sacramento Bee
* Savannah Morning News
* Dayton Daily News

Comment by Patrick Beeson

I think most of these are well-designed and am excited to see the approach that the Savannah Morning News is taking. I think it is a very unique and interesting way to approach giving people exactly what they want.

However, I very much dislike the redesign of the NYT. I find the new design very hard to read. The left hand navigation is so skinny and not distinguished from the content as navigation. There are so many headlines I cannot decide where to look and there is just so much text all over the page that it is overwhelming. It look like a print version of the Wall Street Journal to me with one image in the top center…or maybe just a half-designed newspaper inside page…not the front-page of a major newspaper that has great resources and a great visual team. I am very disappointed with this design and cannot believe you tagged it as a best designed.

Now that I have been so negative, two pros: Like the new videoplayer design and like the tabs at the top of the page with links to mytimes, video, etc.

Sorry to rain on the parade, but I think the Times went backwards on this one…

Comment by Anonymous

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