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Hurricane tracking maps
August 28, 2006, 1:39 pm
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Hurricane season — the minds of southeastern Americans turn to maps as stores sell out of bottled water and plywood.

The IBISeye map — from the Sarasota, Florida, Herald-Tribune — uses Google maps to provide lots of information.

The Weather Underground has a Flash map showing Ernesto today. I like the way rolling over the map markers gives me data on the graph of “Wind and Pressure vs. Time Elapsed.” And rolling over the graph from left to right shows me the storm’s progress step by step. Nice.

Isn’t it remarkable that neither one of these maps has a large advertisement at the top of the page? I would think an ad salesperson could manage to sell an ad for a hurricane map in hurricane season … sounds like the beginning of a joke about how bad the ad sales staff might be …

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Sigh. Here we go again.

These things seem to follow me around…

Comment by Danny Sanchez

Just want to get the word out that our new and improved 2007 version of ibiseye.com is up and running.

Let us know what u think.


Comment by Maurice

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