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More free stats for bloggers
August 22, 2006, 1:21 pm
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There are so many free and easy ways to publicize a blog and attract more readers to it. A very important one is to make the blog available as an RSS feed, and Feedburner makes this so simple, you really don’t have to know anything about feeds to make it happen.

What’s more, Feedburner gives you free stats about your traffic:

I only recently figured out that these readers are not measured by Site Meter — unless they click in to see one post. Well, lots of them read but don’t click. So you may have more readers than you think.

The Feedburner stats do not count your non-feed visitors, of course.

I’m also using Google Analytics and Performancing to track the traffic (small as it is!). Both of those are also free.

Here’s one feature you get from Google Analytics:

And here’s one from Performancing:

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Also in the “free” department, but only for the non-timid who have their own web hosting, is AWStats.

In the “not free” department, but inexpensive and popular with a lot of high-end web development bloggers, is Mint. Once again, though, you need to be in your own web server space to use it.

Comment by Craig

Thanks, Craig! So people using Blogger can’t use AWStats or Mint on their blogs. But if they have access to their server space, they can use either one of those, or both.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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