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A market ahead for mobile data
August 16, 2006, 12:06 pm
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Lately I’ve been mentioning to people that with all the cool information I can get on my data phone (for details, see my earlier post about the phone), I can easily believe that when the mobile service providers start offering a package for unmetered service (like the package I have), demand for mobile news and other information services will take off.

It looks like The New York Times thinks so too, judging from this job ad found on paidContent:

NYTimes.com is looking for an experienced Product Manager, Mobile with strong business skills and product development background to develop its vision and product strategy for mobile content and applications. Specifically, this individual will manage the following: the new NYT WAP site, NYTimes.com premium wireless products, SMS and MMS messaging services, e-Reading platforms for mobile devices. The ideal candidate will have wide ranging experience and knowledge of the mobile marketplace today, and a keen interest in shaping the marketplace of tomorrow.

One of the reasons you’d want to ponder this — if you’re an online editor, for example, or a journalism educator — is that you may want to deliver slightly different content, in slightly different formats, for the mobile data user.

CSS will be a big factor in this. In one session at the big journalism educators’ conference earlier this month, a professor who teaches an advanced online course said she has found CSS to be “too complicated” for her undergraduate journalism students. Well, we’ve been teaching CSS in our intro Web class in the journalism program for three years already. CSS is not too complicated. From what I understand, your chances of getting an online job can be scuttled today if you don’t know how to use CSS. Most important, you will want to hide or reposition certain DIVs in your template to make the content easier to read on “the fourth screen.”

The Times job ad seeks a business person (MBA preferred), not a content person. It lists these responsibilities, among others:

– Manage cross-functional teams (editorial, marketing, IT, design, sales, etc.) during product development lifecycle and in the implementation of ongoing priorities

– Collaborate with editorial, design and IT staff to optimize functionality and user experience

– Develop relationships with leading companies in the mobile hardware, networking, and software applications areas worldwide for potential business and technical collaboration

– Deeply understand the nytimes.com audience and how the site can play a larger role in their web usage.

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If you’re not teaching CSS for Web design, what the heck are you teaching?

(If anyone says tables, then I start crying for the future.)

Comment by Patrick Beeson

I fully agree with you, Patrick. The person I heard was not only teaching tables … she was teaching sliced images! Perish the thought! (How 1999!)

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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