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Current.tv: Like YouTube, only with … TV
July 27, 2006, 10:06 pm
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Got a video camera? Want to tell a true story? Then take a look at Current. This is not just more Blip and YouTube. Nope. Current includes “real” TV, at least via satellite and cable. Not in my town, naturally, because in my town we have a monopoly cable TV company, Cox — so we get poor service and high prices. But all of you who live in places where there’s competition — or if you’ve shelled out the money for DirecTV (channel 366) — you can watch it.

Anyone who wants to contribute can upload a video. Then, everyone in the Current online community votes for what should be on TV. You can join in at either stage — watch & vote or make video. (We’ve also got online training to help you get the skills you need to make TV!)

I think I will be using Current’s Storytelling Guide in my classes. It’s one of five “guides” within the VC(squared) Survival Guide. VC(squared) is Current’s tag for “viewer-created content.” It’s fun, and the Web site has an appealing, no-nonsense look and feel overall.

Look at some of the clips labeled Vanguard Journalism. Watch, for example, Beirut 101 (9:28). Shot two months before the current attacks on Lebanon. Good stuff.

paidContent thumbed its nose at Current a year ago. Maybe it’s time for another look?

Update (July 28): Looks like Current has entered the zeitgeist — Lost Remote mentioned it last night.

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Mindy, you should go with satellite. I had it when I was on DirecTV. The biggest problem with the real tv part is the fact that the programming is so scattershot, you don’t know what you’re going to get from one minute to the next. That type of surprise factor is great for the web, but not quite so pleasant as a way to program a tv channel.

And it’s obvious that the VC2 content is mostly contributed by higher-end amateurs (pro-ams), not the YouTubers.

Comment by Murley

Hey, the Beirut video is pretty good! Great example of on-the-ground coverage that doesn’t suffer from talking head syndrome.

Comment by Danny Sanchez

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