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Cheering for Floyd!
July 22, 2006, 1:55 pm
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Only two days left in this year’s suspense-filled Tour de France. From paidContent:

OLNTV.com has expanded its online video to include more elements and more highlights that can be viewed as single videos or queued in OLN’s new branded Flash player with commercials. The result: so far, about two million streams served. (The number might be pumped up a little by the relatively small length of most of the clips.) At the same time, OLN is on pace for 20 million pageviews during the Tour, tracking about 23 percent ahead of last year.

Good observation about OLNTV’s video length. So short, they are almost addictive. Full Tour coverage from OLN is here.

(International readers: OLN is the Outdoor Life Network, a U.S. cable television network. It owns the broadcast rights to the Tour de France in the United States. The network shows the tour live in the morning, East Coast time, and then repeats it at night in prime time.)

AFP’s big Flash package (all teams, all riders, all stages, live commentary) is here (I love this thing).

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I hear OLN is changing its name to “Versus” in September, which sounds too clunky.

Comment by Murley

Good old Multichannel News says that is true, but what an odd choice for a name change!

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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