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Blogs: 57 million Americans read them
July 19, 2006, 9:16 pm
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In Bloggers: A portrait of the Internet’s new storytellers, the Pew Internet & American Life Project reports that about 57 million American adults read blogs. That is 39 percent of U.S. Internet users. For this study, 7,012 adults were questioned; 4,753 were Internet users. (That’s a nice big sample!)

The study, however, really focused on bloggers, and some of these data are even more interesting. Pew separately surveyed 233 self-identified bloggers — most of whom do NOT consider themselves to be journalists (PDF, p. ii).

> 34% of bloggers consider their blog a form of journalism, and 65% of bloggers do not.
> 57% of bloggers include links to original sources either “sometimes” or “often.”
> 56% of bloggers spend extra time trying to verify facts they want to include in a post either “sometimes” or “often.”

Only 20 percent said they get permission to post copyrighted material “sometimes” or “often”; however, 40 percent quote other people or media directly “sometimes” or “often” (p. 11).

The demographics:

More than half (54%) of bloggers are under the age of 30. Like the internet population in general, however, bloggers are evenly divided between men and women, and more than half live in the suburbs. Another third live in urban areas and a scant 13% live in rural regions.

Another distinguishing characteristic is that bloggers are less likely to be white than the general internet population. Sixty percent of bloggers are white, 11% are African American, 19% are English-speaking Hispanic and 10% identify as some other race. By contrast, 74% of internet users are white, 9% are African American, 11% are English-speaking Hispanic and 6% identify as some other race.

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