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Students blog about multimedia journalism
July 18, 2006, 11:18 am
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I’ve been reading a few blogs by students and interns — none of my own, unfortunately — who are learning multimedia journalism techniques. Worth a look-see are Ryan Sholin’s J-school Blog, Solo Mojo, and my new fave, InTheCircle. The last one is a wonderful example of how a young person with motivation and intelligence challenges herself. And she highlights some great examples too.

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Thank you, very sincerely, for the mention.

But in all honesty how would our student blogs be where they are and what they today without the guidance and direction and inspiration of the professionals above us.

Yourself, Joe Weiss, Andrew DeVigal, the entire staff at OJR, Candace Egan and the countless professionals that produce the online journalism pieces that we students love to visit over-and-over again, devouring every movement, audio cue or action script.

Thank you for more than just the mention.

Comment by joseph hollak

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