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Hyperlocal successes
July 13, 2006, 1:26 pm
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Tom Abate summarizes the smart (and successful) hyperlocal efforts at the Bakersfield Californian:

I fooled around with both sites last night and found stuff like recipes, announcements about church event, things that would interest no one outside Bakersfield but which may not be findable any other way. Northwest and Southwest Voice use blogging and content management software from the Canadian firm, iUpload.com according to eContent and some of the other articles on the sites.

The most novel aspect of these publication, in my opinion, is the hybrid online-print advertising model. There is some sponsorship advertising on the web sites but I would gather that the real money is in the free print edition produced every two weeks and dropped on doorsteps.

I first checked out the two hyperlocals from Bakersfield in April, when I saw a presentation about Bakotopia — another smart site from the same smart folks.

I find it interesting that while some newspapers are producing free tabloids based on an audience model of young professionals, these tabs from Bakersfield are more like real community newspapers — and they spring out of the people’s own content that they post online (instead of regurgitated wire copy, otherwise known as “news from nowhere”).

The trick is to get the people involved and posting in a friendly online public space. This is the first filter of community news. From that wide variety, the bits of interest to the widest (local) audience can be selected for republication in print.

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Hi Mindy – it’s been a long time since our days at Digital Ink 🙂

Thanks for the post and for your support of our efforts in Bakersfield. Just wanted to note that we have built our own participatory media platform and moved off the iUpload system last year.

We now use our own stuff to power all of our hyperlocal and participatory sites, and we have integrated it into our flagship site, Bakersfield.com.

Ever since we launched Bakotopia, newspapers have been asking us about licensing our platform, and we’ve decided to give it a go. Details are at http://participata.com

Mary Lou

Comment by Mary Lou

Hi, Mary Lou! Thanks for the tip! Say hi to Dan for me.

Comment by Mindy McAdams

Hi back! 🙂

Comment by Dan

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