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Emmy for "emerging media"
July 5, 2006, 4:18 pm
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Formerly known as “new media”? Whatever …

“Newspapers, I think, have always wished they could be in television, but they didn’t have a television network. Now they essentially have one: it’s called the Web,” said Av Westin, a former ABC News executive and co-chairman of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’s news and documentary awards committee.

… five of the seven nominees for the so-called emerging media Emmy [award] announced Monday were actually reports done by websites of the New York Times or the Washington Post. The traditional television news divisions were shut out of the category.

From the LA Times, July 4, 2006. To get a login and password, go to BugMeNot.

Nominated (Reuters, via The Washington Post):

  • The Diary of Gideon in Pakistan (MTV News on Overdrive); requires an ActiveX download (why? Aren’t the kids using Firefox? Come on, get with it, MTV.)
  • Hurricane Katrina Batters Gulf Coast (National Geographic/NationalGeographic.com); can’t find this one, but here is their Katrina link list
  • Op-Ed Special Report: The Forgotten Genocide (NYTimes.com; Nicholas Kristof and Naka Nathaniel); note that if you have not paid for Times Select, it’s possible that you will not be able to see any of their video
  • A Shifting Bolivia (NYTimes.com); go to the Times’s video page and search for the title of this video — sorry, I couldn’t manage to make a direct link that works — let’s all pause and consider how stupid THAT is!
  • Child Porn: Interviews With Justin Berry (NYTimes.com); try this link and then find the video in the left-side rail
  • Fueling Azerbaijan’s Future (WashingtonPost.com)
  • Hurricane Katrina Coverage in New Orleans (WashingtonPost.com; Travis Fox); I have to guess they mean everything, so here’s the link to all the video

These searches for video certainly served to remind me that search on news Web sites ABSOLUTELY SUCKS. It is really hard to find stuff, even when you know the title.

One of the BEST sites for video searches is at CBS News. You newspaper people should go, look and learn. You can’t link to the videos, but at least the search works decently.

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I found your page while doing the same search that you did for the links to these videos, and I must agree, it was really frustrating trying to find them all. Interesting also that all the videos belonged to major media organizations.

Comment by Doc Dork

I would think that if a work of mine were nominated for a big award, I would immediately check to see whether my site’s search engine would serve it up. If not, I would go into the stored item and tweak the title and maybe add some meta tags!

Comment by Mindy McAdams

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