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How NOT to do video
April 28, 2006, 2:39 pm
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Doug Fisher writes:

Just as the newspaper industry is slowly — only slowly — learning that blogging isn’t blogging just because you use blogging software, it has to learn that video isn’t video (or useful) just because you give a reporter or photographer a camera and show him or her where the start button is.

Brilliant and directly on target.

Doug makes many more good points in his post:

If you are going to blog … and link to an “interactive feature” that you proudly boast about on April 11, try to remember that 16 days later it is not good to have the link come up as a 404 error….

Remember that video on the Web is not the same as the video equivalent of dumping your notebook into the camera….

Why does a newspaper that is touting how it is breaking up its stories think that folks on the Web are going to sit and watch 9 minutes of mind-numbing video?

Too long — MUCH too long — that is the problem with most of the linear content on the Web. I mean BOTH video AND text. Long (and complete) is great for backgrounders and original documents, etc. But for heaven’s sake, get a clue about how long real people can sit still without clicking!

You can look at Nielsen//NetRatings data any day and see the answer:

About 47 seconds per page. That’s the average length of time users spend looking at your stuff.

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