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Changes coming at the BBC
April 26, 2006, 12:23 pm
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The big announcement from BBC News worries me: My favorite online news site will be radically transformed, and maybe I won’t like the result! The BBC online will be reorganized around the concepts “share,” “find” and “play.”

I have to admire their nerve, though. It’s a brave and farsighted vision. See Mark Thompson’s speech to the BBC staff to get the overview.

… although the BBC had lots of policy ideas about the future, it hadn’t really grappled with the creative challenge of what feels like an entirely new chapter in broadcasting.

Thompson (Director-General of the BBC) outlined five themes:

“Martini Media”: Media that’s “available when and where you want it with content moving freely between different devices and platforms…. it means we have to adopt a completely new approach to development, commissioning and production by the BBC: From now on, wherever possible, we need to think cross-platform, across TV, radio and web for audiences at home and on the move.”

Entertainment: Think about mobile applications and other ways of using new media “from the very start of the creative process”; “nurturing and support of outstanding writers”; relaunch the BBC comedy Web site; “use 360-degree commissioning, interactivity, user-generated content to reengage audiences in primetime TV entertainment.”

Young audiences: “… the drift away from the BBC by some younger audiences, which we picked up on more than five years ago, is not just continuing but accelerating.”

… we’ll also launch a new teen brand aimed at 12 to 16 year olds which will be delivered via existing broadband, TV and radio services as well as mobile and other new devices … We’re going to take diversity, onscreen and off-screen, far more seriously than we have — it’s critical in convincing younger audiences that we’re in touch with them.

Findability: “… if we don’t coordinate our content, make it easy to find and brand it clearly, it may just disappear.” Yes! That’s a brilliant observation, and one far too few news organizations have taken seriously until now.

The active audience: “The final theme may turn out to be one of the most important. … the audience … doesn’t want to just sit there but to take part, debate, create, communicate, share.”

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