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Some numbers for broadband users
April 20, 2006, 5:24 am
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Overall Internet penetration among adult Americans (U.S. only) today is 70 percent. Home broadband penetration stands at 74 million people, or 37 percent of adult Americans, according to a Pew Internet & American Life report released in March. Broadband users appear to be voracious news consumers (both online and off). The report includes nice charts to ponder.

Among all internet users, 22% report going to foreign or non-traditional news sites at least once, and 25% of broadband users say this…. Most (54%) Internet users who have gotten news online have registered at a news site. Only 6% of Internet users have paid for news content (video clips, articles, or news broadcasts).

There’s also a significant rural (24%) / (sub)urban (39%) divide in broadband penetration; details in another Pew report.

And finally, what about the big picture? OECD tells us that Icelanders have more broadband per capita than anyone, followed by South Korea (no surprise there). The U.S. is No. 12 among OECD countries. We are said to have 16.8 broadband users for every 100 inhabitants. (Korea: 25.4 per 100.)

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