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Flash for broadcast TV video
April 12, 2006, 2:48 pm
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Finally! In Migrating Flash Projects to Video, Chris Georgenes of Mudbubble (and author of some of my favorite Flash animation tutorials!) explains step-by-step how to export any Flash movie TO TAPE — so you can drop it right into your broadcast system and air it.

I wrote about this two whole years ago (in my book about Flash Journalism), but I couldn’t find anyone at that time who actually worked in TV who had even HEARD of Flash. Now, granted, I didn’t call up 100 people; I called and e-mailed about a dozen, both those currently working in TV news and also some Web-adept broadcast journalism educators. The educators had all heard of Flash, but they did not know of anyone who was using it in TV work. The working broadcast folks were like, “Huh? Flash?”

So the deal is this: You can export any Flash movie to a QuickTime file. QuickTime = video. You can export QuickTime to tape with lots of different video software applications. Easy. CHEAP. (Yes, Windows users will need to buy QuickTime Pro, but it’s only $30.) Georgenes also explains how to export to an AVI file, if you insist.

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